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In the far future of Crystal Tokyo, disaster strikes! A great dark cloud known only as Chaos has rained destruction on the beautiful city and only a broken shell of it's former self remains after the loss of the Royal Family and the Sailor Senshi.

In the aftermath of Chaos's attack, the Ginzuishou has lost it's once radiant shine. What was once a crystalline utopia is now a ruled by the White Moon Organization, a group that claims to be upholding the will of the Royal Family.

The threat of Chaos is growing once more, and the White Moon Organization desperately seeks a way to use the Ginzuishou to fight off this evil... but is that all they desire of the Ginzuishou?

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Updates have no set schedule. Just keep an eye out for each new page as it's uploaded, and when chapters are completed, they will be available for download in a batched .zip file. Please, no notes asking, "When will you update?!" ~ it will come when it comes. X3

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